Cress cups with a face

Cress is a beautiful plant that tastes good on a sandwich with cheese or cream cheese. It is also a plant that is really easy to grow at home. Within days, you can harvest from your own little garden window. When I find these little sake cups at the thrift store I immediately saw some great watercress growers who seek them. Because what seems better than a cute face with green hair? This is also a great little project to do with children. The cultivation of seeds does not take a lot of patients!

Learn how to make these cute little cups watercress with a face after the jump.

What you need for cress cups with a face

– white sake cups (a small bowl or teacup will work too)
black ceramic marker
– oven
– cotton pads
– cress seeds

How to make these cute cups watercress with a face

1- Clean your cups fine.
2- Draw your cute faces sake cups with your black ceramic marker. Bake in the oven according to the directions on your ceramic marker.
3- Place a few layers of cotton swabs in your cups. If your cups are bigger than mine you can also use the regular cotton. Water well. Make sure it is completely soaked in water.
4- Place cress seeds over the cotton balls. Place your cups watercress in a bright location but out of direct sunlight.

5-In the next two days, your watercress will grow very quickly. Do not forget to water your plants slightly!

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