DO IT YOURSELF National a flag tank top

DIY American flag shirt! Use a white T-shirt, then cut off the sleeves and the collar. Then cut up the shirt a few inches and create a V shape to be used as a tie. Then place a piece of cardboard in between the shirt so the spray paint doesn't bleed, then use tape for stripes and another piece of cardboard where you want the blue square to go. After spray painting red over the stripes, remove the square piece of cardboard and place stars down, the spray paint blue over those. Too easy!::
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DO IT YOURSELF National a flag tank top! Work with a whitened T-shirt, next shut down the masturbator sleeves and also the scruff of the neck. Then divide the tank top some inches and
produce a V design for being applied being a tie up. Then position a bit of cardboard between the tank top so the bottle of spray coloring won't bleed, next make use of mp3 for lashes and a different section of cardboard in which you would like the glowing blue sq . to search. Immediately after bottle of spray artwork crimson above the lashes, take away the sq . section of cardboard and position celebrities along, the bottle of spray coloring glowing blue more than people. Too effortless!:

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